Alter Ego Mexicana???

Oaxaca Market

Mexico calls to me, its rampant colors and  flavors evoking a richness and inspiration that, for me,  is best realized  by creating and sharing little slices of these experiences through my art.

I’m continually mesmerized by the daily buzz of the markets and regularly seek to soak  in all its nuances…vendors going about their daily tasks,  the solidity of routine, knowing one’s neighbors…the simpleness contrasting with the exotic.

Dear  friends are leaving for southern Mexico tomorrow…how I wish I could steal away with them for all the delights that are surely to be discovered.  My soul is replenished there.  I’m quite thouroughly convinced that I should have been born south of the border.

~ by Dawn Elliott on January 12, 2011.

11 Responses to “Alter Ego Mexicana???”

  1. The love, talent, and passion for art transcends into this most wonderful website, grabbing hold of the viewer! I know this artist and her works are something very special. Chris Scottsdale, AZ

  2. Great website – it is so you….

  3. Dearest friend-
    Your art work looks incredible!
    I can’t wait to buy a piece for my house!
    Hope to continue to receive postcards about upcoming shows!
    Love from Flagstaff, AZ

  4. The website is wonderful and your soul shines through. All the best!

  5. Hola Amiga! It’s Deb…from SM….your site is fabulous! I found you on FaceBook…your artwork is so beautiful, fresh original and full of your sweet soul. Be in touch

  6. Hola Deb!
    Great to hear from you! Thanks for your support as I get my focus on!
    Still…slipping away to Mexico again is sounding delicious about now, no?

  7. I’ve been hearing about all your art work and have never seen any of it until now. How wonderful that you have created this web site for all of us to enjoy. I think I spy a little something with my eye that I would love to have for my back porch 🙂

  8. Thanks for checking out my website, Heather. A few of the pieces on the site are available but many sold long ago. I’m curious…which one caught your eye…?

  9. Hi Dawn, Your web site is wonderful! I’m looking forward to keeping up with you and your work!

  10. I too will keep up with your awesome work. Have a great weekend and Valentine’s Day.

  11. Dawn??? duh, I am a bright one!! well I did not know you had a blog and did not click on your image to enlarge and SEE you.

    hola indeed!

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