Processing It All

My mother recently asked me about the process I go through when doing my art.  Pondering that, I realized that this it how it typically goes down in my studio.  I start with an intriguing piece of rusty metal, an vintage box, or a gnarly, old architectural piece, and then I study it for a good long while.    I rifle through a myriad of random doodads and lay them out in different ways, in an attempt to get some mojo working.  In doing so, I amass a huge pile of rejected parts - a major source of the DrEAdeD CluTTeR!  As the configuration continues to evolve, I have to consciously walk away – sometimes for hours, days, or even weeks – and then notice how it strikes me when I view it later.  And so the cycle is set in motion…

Occasionally a piece takes on  a life of its own with no issues, but when I’m thinking too hard or just not feeling it, I mess things up, even when using my most treasured elements.  On those days, I follow some sage advice a friend gave me years ago: “Just go out in your shop and do some organizing.  Maybe you’ll get into the mood, maybe you won’t, but you’ll still be making progress.”   So, I might go tidy up, fire up the jigsaw, check out photos from Mexico, or cut metal with the handy-dandy throatless shear that my husband gave me for my birthday.  And at some point, I’ll catch a  glimpse of that elusive piece that I’ve changed – and walked away from - so many times…and see that with patience, there’s a chance that I might have finally captured its soul.

~ by Dawn Elliott on February 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Processing It All”

  1. always interesting to hear how people approach the creative process

  2. Yes, every word you write about your process, I can relate to!!
    Also, thank you for your thoughts about death. I agree one hundred percent!


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