In Search of Rust

Ahh, RUST… the ultimate prize in the quest for new creative fodder.  These seemingly ancient artifacts bear a patina that only time, wind, sun, and moisture can create…the scarcely recognizable hints of color, the weird and twisted shapes…all those things that make my heart swell with joy.

My father wants to paint it.

My husband wants to avoid it.

My brother wants to lubricate it.

My mother wants to trash it.

I want to celebrate it! 

And I know I’m not alone.  There are those of us who covet it above everything else…and who are always on the prowl for more.  Like one of my artist friends, who drives his truck around little towns and asks the old timers where the dump used to be.  Sometimes it’s found along roads, or on a hike.  Occasionally I see some at a swap meet or yard sale…and last year I found near Nirvana…an acre of rusty oddments at the Antique Auto Club Swap Meet!  But alas, it was a terribly soggy summer day and sheets of plastic were undoubtedly hiding tons of would-be treasures. 

I’ll be there at sunrise come August, my pockets bursting with cash, and my soul eager for yet another fix of that cherished elixir…

Did I mention that it’s good for my heart?

~ by Dawn Elliott on March 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “In Search of Rust”

  1. Oh that’s awesome Dawn. I’m sure you will find a lot to do with these rusted out treasures. I wish I had the ability to create like you do and anything that is good for the heart is a plus. Have fun when you get started on your projects.

  2. Just from where I sit now I can turn my head to the left to see a beautiful square of rusted metal-small and with a circle in the middle form which it hangs. Below that is part of some rusty bed springs-two intertwined coils joined by a little spiral. most of my rusty finds are from beaches. Love it!

  3. You have no idea how many tons of rust are here in my little town…we are Rusty and Crusty !!

  4. Hi
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are on the same track.
    The weather worked it’s magic on an old cookie tin I left out. Going on a treasure hunt for more.

  5. rust, natures perfect patina. can’t wait to see what you are cooking up for the children of oaxaca!

  6. Cute! You’ve got a way with words… I thought for a second you’d mention your sister wanting to use it as a doggy platform of some

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