Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende

Here are some of my favorite Easter memories from San Miguel de Allende…aka Paradise…

What a deliciously magical place!


Check out Postcards from Paradise @ http://corazon.typepad.com/recuerda_mi_corazon/2011/04/postcards-from-paradise-1.html for more glorious inspiration!

~ by Dawn Elliott on April 24, 2011.

6 Responses to “Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende”

  1. Yes, I have heard it is a magical place. A bloggie friend Billie lives in San Miguel and loves it very much. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day Happy Easter.

  2. Colorful, beautiful! I love the earthiness of their faith…blessings and peace, Olivia

  3. right beside you,
    for all those holy days!

  4. The gorgeous color in these photographs jump out and grab
    your heart. You were blessed to be there. Once I went to a Zuni Solstice ceremony. Felt as though I was in touch with the old ones.

  5. I found your blog, beautiful images, thanks so much for sharing. I particulalry love the picture of the women showing and selling, the dried grasses and plants that have been plaited. The intricacy of the patterns and yet so temporal.

  6. Incredible range of happy colours bathing in beautiful sunlight! Love these photos!

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