Novice Blogging Thoughts

I must say, I’m really enjoying the creative outlet that is writing…but does anyone out there labor over each word as I seem to?  Not that I have this huge following, but I still know that in my own little world, what I say is ‘out there’…and I want it to be worthy.  So many of us have that thing where we want to be perfect in everything we do…we know it’s totally unrealistic; we know we could never sustain it; and we damn our parents if somehow we feel that they expected that of us…yet we still go for it, no?

I do art…I now have a website…and I know it would just be sitting there, except for that rare occasion when a new gallery checks out my work… or a few of my friends want to see if I’ve made anything new in the last six months…so why not start blogging?  WHOA!  It hasn’t been that easy…and when I’ve mentioned the time committment, two different friends have flat out asked, “WHY do it???”  Well… it is rewarding, and I’ve had a great deal of fun and done plenty of introspection while expressing myself, despite feeling a teensy bit narcissistic  at times.

Another perk is visiting other people’s blogs and getting scads of soulful inspiration, a fresh look at what different artists are doing, and a peek into their worlds.  Oh, I know that in our high tech world we hardly interact with humans face to face anymore…but I do feel that the potential for making savory friendships is out there in the blogging world.  

I’m definitely a convert…but I still have to figure out the ideal way to manage it all…ummm, make that…to manage it efficiently.   I woke up to 5+inches of snow on the ground today, making for some lovely indoor time to practice!

~ by Dawn Elliott on April 10, 2011.

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  1. You are doing things your own way, but you are doing it. When I come here to your blog, I get inspired by your work and the fact that you are an artist who is out there exhibiting and selling her wares. You are an accomplished artist and why not blog about it. It’s your blog and your feelings, and you can post what you want. I’ll come visit. Take care and have a great Sunday.

  2. I think I worried about my words in the beginning, but Now….Nope! I definitely don’t speak perfectly (LOL!) so I decided to just let what comes out, out. I’ve been told that my writing is very similar to the way I speak and that it would be recognizable even if the name was missing. To me, that’s Perfection. I’m just being ME.
    Love your Blog!!!

  3. for me, since i often write about the issue of chronic illness, i want to balance that with the joys that i still find in everyday life – not overwhelm my blog readers or make them depressed when they take the time to visit. so that’s where my angst sometimes comes in. and yes, i’m a perfectionist too! i’ve had to realize that not every post will be perfect, and perhaps it’s better that way. more real, you know?

    as for the facelessness of the internet… i’ve found so many caring hearts out there – more than i ever imagined. i think that because blogging is something of an online journal, and perhaps even because we aren’t speaking face to face, people share more of their hearts at the outset. and i think real bonds are possible.

    bet you didn’t think i would write a book in the comments, eh? 😉

  4. I can’t say enough about how blogging has enlarged my world…AND the real life contact that has come from it.

    keep it up!

  5. Dear Dawn,
    Glad you jumped in! Blogging is a terrific way to meet like minded souls.
    I agree with Steph’s comment above.
    We met in real life a few years ago AND she is a WONDERFUL person who has been a special friend in my life now for four years because of this thing called blogging!!
    In the beginning it took a big chunk of time. I was new to owning a computer even.

    Today, I don’t have as much time as I once did to devote to writing posts, but somehow I feel more balanced.

    The cool thing are there are now rules~~

    Happy Sunday to you~


  6. Meant:
    The cool thing is there are no rules!!

  7. blogging has changed a lot of things in my life .. for the better.

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