Curbside Joy

Spring in Prescott marks the town’s annual garbage pick-up week, where citizens can put just about anything on their curb to be taken away.  Piles begin to appear around the neighborhoods and sometimes on our walk, my husband and I will spy something we can use.  Here’s what we came upon this week:


I actually think this was made by a close friend of mine and his late mother a few years ago when they were making folk art crosses, altars, and such.  It needs some fixin’ up for sure, but hey, that’s what I do!  I’m going to call my friend and see if he wants to I.D. this piece…but regardless, I can’t wait to mess with it a little.  I wonder what this incarnation will bring?

I find JOY in the craziest places! 

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “Curbside Joy”

  1. I have found road side joy before ! The perfect table for beside my bed, after some work and creativity on my part !
    Love this piece – ready for magic !!!
    Happy Thursday !

  2. this is treasure for sure. and so are all your friends who grace your life in so many unexpected ways!

  3. love finding treasures in trash : ) love your find!

  4. Ok – I envision building a little nicho into the opening and creating a shrine there………. much more interesting than a mirror and who better to do that than you, dear one?

  5. What a find! I love serendipitous joy most of all, I think! Peace and blessings, Olivia

  6. Oh wow! What a great find. Oh, you will revive this little piece. I already see lots of color, oh boy, it will be fun to see the end results. I can’t wait!! Yay!

  7. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, be sure to post on JOY Thursday!

    Sue x

  8. Oh how could anyone get rid of something like this. I’m so glad you found it before the pickup came around.

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