Haiku Hollyhocks

Righteous hollyhocks
Resisting at the start, now
Thrive tenaciously

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 27, 2011.

16 Responses to “Haiku Hollyhocks”

  1. i love these grandma garden flowers so. your haiku is lovely as are these torches of colour always reaching upward so straight in their purpose, so true in their alignment with the light.
    thanks for being here on this beautiful sun bathed day.

  2. I tried to grow Hollyhocks (didn’t know that name at first, had to look it up…) when I moved to this house… they didn’t grow in the shadowed place. I’m still waiting for the large conifer hedge to get out of the way (I’m going to remove him one day for sure!) and then… ohmy… can’t wait to plant me some hollyhocks! I’m sure I will end up sighing ’cause they are tenacious, but I love them so much! You wrote a lovely haiku, it made me look out my window and see my imaginairy hollyhocks. Thanks for making me smile!

  3. I love hollyhocks! If they’re happy they just reach for the sun! My first (and only), grew to an astonishing 18 feet!! Thanks for sharing and I loved your haiku!

  4. i can’t wait to see them bloom! i love the phrase “righteous hollyhocks.” 🙂

  5. Gosh Dawn — this brings back memories of my grandparents’ yard with its multitude of hollyhocks and the making of hollyhock dolls with my cousins (when the boys weren’t around, of course).

  6. can’t wait to see the tenacious blooms unfolding soon…ENJOY!

  7. I love hollyhocks. They stand so tall and proud.

  8. Hollyhocks are one of my favorites. I have some growing out back. I collect the seeds from peoples yards and transfer them to my yard. So many varieties. Your photos are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  9. I love tenacious anything….but tenacious hollyhocks is wonderful. so are the photos. Lovely Haiku.

  10. I just came from Noelle’s blog and was struck by the synchronicity between your post and hers (the film of the girl hiding at first, resisting her new friend and the life outside her room, then later “thriving” in reaching out to him). Amazing! xoO

  11. Just seeing these hollyhock leaves, soon to bear flowers, and your haiku, makes me want to rub my fingertips on their sticky, velvet leaves. Send photos of the flowers when they bloom.

  12. Well even if my garden is having a bit of a sulk due to the hard winter and lack of rain right now I can visit the lushness of yours, can’t wait to see the colours!

    Sue x

  13. I love the photos, especially the second one. I don’t think hollyhocks grow around here, but not sure. They look full and rich, tenacious indeed. Very nice.


  14. Oh, I resonate so much with your pleasure at the hollyhocks thriving, Dawn! I remember seeing them in lovely old gardens with antique rose trellises. They are so beautiful, and they don’t seem to be around much anymore. Maybe their blooms will make a new photo and haiku soon!

  15. Dawn,
    You have such a green thumb. I am so completely envious of you. I live in an apartment and have no plants or flowers. I am going to start some potted plants. You have thoroughly inspired me!

  16. Reminds me of childhood
    May your Hollyhocks Haiku your heart all summer.

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