Haiku My Herbs


Herbs poised to flourish
pungent possibilities
mouth watering  bliss


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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 20, 2011.

15 Responses to “Haiku My Herbs”

  1. Everything about herbs is wonderful, I think. What a sweet herb garden…and of course, I like your haiku today. Have a fantastic Friday! Peace, Olivia

  2. Very nice Haiku and love those herbs. Herbs are great to have around, not just for cooking but medicinal. I love to drink peppermint tea. Excellent relaxer as is Rosemary tea. Have a great weekend Dawn. Hope your back is better.

  3. Yum ! I can almost smell their potenital from here ! Happy Friday !

  4. mmmm, I can smell that garden!

  5. the most holy art of all….

  6. oh yes! poised to flourish! very well said! we are surrounded with promises when it is springtime 🙂

  7. What a bliss… wow!!!

  8. Don’t you love just being able to snip and flavor, or cut and garnish?

  9. …and only when they forget to be poised will they actually flourish!

  10. A haiku to your beloved herbs. I love it. This exercise Rebecca sponsors is so sacred for all of us.

  11. What a truly special little spot. I expect to see fairies peeking out from behind the pots.

  12. I can feel the tender care in both your herbs and haiku, isn’t it lovely what comes through in our virtual world?

    Sue x

  13. Mmmm Life is good!
    Love your garden design
    and can taste the possibilities.

  14. Oh, the imagery of smell, taste that the herbs offer… heaven! And the photo of that delightful little corner of the world tempting us! Luscious, Dawn!

  15. YES! mouth watering!!

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