Haiku My Snow

Wondrous days of spring
Warmth and sun and blooms until
Hail and snow’s last laugh!

This was the scene out my back window this past Tuesday…5 minutes of hail preceding 45 minutes of the giant-flakes-wafting-down kind of snow.  So beautiful…yet so totally unnerving! 

But, as it is so often in Arizona, we’re already back on track with a wicked 83* predicted for today!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 13, 2011.

10 Responses to “Haiku My Snow”

  1. Nice, very nice!. We’re down on Blogger for now. Can’t post or comment. You aren’t on Blogger though so here I am. Tee Hee. Have a great day. Your photo is beautiful. I love everything you have there. Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. there is something about the sky transformed with the unexpected. it was glorious…like a rain of white blossoms.
    even more lovely with your red studio backdrop.

  3. laughing snow…ha ha ha !! yep, Blogger is down for now

  4. The photo is exquisite! And the haiku? I particularly like that “last laugh” image. I’m smiling!

    (Be glad you are not on Blogger, because Blogger has been down since last night: no new posts, no comments.)

  5. Love your photo and haiku. Love the snow as an unexpected guest.

  6. I saw the snow and thought OH NO! When will it end. We have rain and rain here in Missouri. Where are you to get the snow. But I will smile now and send you some warm blessings. May we both see spring. 🙂 E

  7. Great photo and haiku. What a surprise your weather had to have been. I love the snow against that very colorful studio. Yours, I assume?

  8. Last laugh? That’s priceless, Dawn. Good one.

  9. Let’s hope it’s their last laugh…
    I remember it snowing in Flagstaff
    one year in June.

  10. I think I’m falling in love with your blog, Dawn.

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