Paradise = Our Boulder

My husband and I bought a 1926 house that, by all accounts, was a major fixer-upper.  There was a huge garage with room for a wood shop and  a couple of his antique cars, plus a smaller studio for my artwork – both needing extensive repairs and upgrades…major cleaning out, foundation repairs, drainage, a new roof, concrete slabs,  electrical overhauling, wall repairs, new windows, insulation, drywall, painting inside and out…you name it. 

The house was a little better off.  It was originally a one bedroom summer cabin with a wicked stone fireplace, but with a kitchen about the size of a walk-in closet.  There had been a bedroom added in the ‘5o’s and then a master bedroom and laundry room added in the ’90’s.  Yet every single room in the house had issues!

But the thing that stood out for us was that the house surrounds this massive boulder…it’s at least 20 feet tall, with English ivy growing all over it.  It’s majestic and comforting in a we-live-in-the-forest kind of way. 

Last summer we built a deck around this grand edifice where we can hang out and be virtually hidden.  It’s the place I’m drawn to to start my day…for introspection, appreciation, joy.  It has obviously called to others in the past, as we have a stone metate and grinding stone that were found here by previous owners.  I truly believe this to be sacred ground….my slice of paradise.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 22, 2011.

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  1. What a sacred space you have, Dawn. All your hard work has brought you your personal paradise. I love how you built around the granite. Your place reminds me of a few places I’ve been in the San Bernardino mountains. Are you located there?

  2. Oh, my, this is so stunning. I love that you created this sacred space and put your hearts into it. You can tell from these pictures. I am trying to imagine what this would feel like to be bonded to the earth literally via a house and a partner and hours of work and nature–I simply can’t, but I know that it must be amazing. It is truly a “slice of paradise” as you wrote. I haven’t ever seen anything like the deck around the boulder…truly unique…Nature in all her majesty truly present, one with the house. You are blessed! xoO

  3. Dawn, this is just glorious!! I love that boulder and indeed it does seem sacred. Wow, you are very lucky to have found this small home that is now yours. The deck is a plus. You go girl!! Have a great Sunday.

  4. Building your deck around trees and boulder like that is so cool! May you enjoy paradise every single day!

  5. What a privilege and surely it IS a privilege. You are caretaker for history as you add your own to this remarkable place.

  6. your home and studio are fantastic! What a treasure you found and rescued. Part of your boulder looks like a creature sitting on the deck.

  7. it is lovely to be filled with sweet memories as i look at each view shared.
    i am so happy for you dawn.

  8. Nestling right in among nature, this appeals to me too.

    Have a lovely life next to your ‘Boulder’.

    Sue x

  9. I love your casita! Especially the living rock that is your piece of paradise. I would have to touch it every day. I also love your herb garden. I tuck my herbs in all over the place, basil, parsley and oregano with the veggies; lavender with the flowers and a pot of mint by the gate. Your artowrk makes my heart sing. I began a series of crosses this Lent and still working on them. I am heavily influenced by Mexican art in most of those. I could write you a book, but I envision a cup of tea somewhere magical and much conversation in a future place.Thank you for connecting with me. You are a gift!

  10. this Paradise is so dreamy! I wanna come sit with you

  11. Wowsa!!!

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