Saints in Paradise

I enter my studio and immediately am struck with saint statues staring at me from every angle imaginable.  One might think that I would be totally pious or, on the other hand, that I would be intimidated by the holy fervor of my surroundings, but seriously, they’re like my buddies, all watching over me, making sure that I stay uncorrupted…at least while I’m working on my art.

Well, a few times I’ve wavered from the path of righteousness, and both times had to do with vintage beer cans.  I made ‘sacred’ hearts out of the unsavory cans…one Budweiser, as the colors were so great…and one from Acme beer, which had such a cool patina that I couldn’t resist!  I was using the “artists’ license” card, you know…but I’m depending on the saints to help me stay on the straight and narrow…to keep me virtuous and pure…at least most of the time!

Paradise is in my studio everyday.


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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 14, 2011.

10 Responses to “Saints in Paradise”

  1. Your saints are spectacular! They do look friendly to me 🙂 Peace, Olivia

  2. Hi Dawn. I love your saints. They’ll keep you safe and sound as you work on your wonderful projects. Have a great weekend. I want to start a collection of saints too. I only have 3 or 4. Take care.

  3. You have quite a collection there! They do look very friendly and kind. I am sure they would want a beer can to be put to a good use!

  4. What an awesome collection!

  5. lovely. such perfect company. each gesture of hands, crossing of hearts. delicious holy ground.

  6. Holy ground is where you find it. You have found it in your studio, among those who smile on you!

  7. Dawn
    They are beautiful. Always blessing you especially
    when you are less than perfect.

  8. Oh my gosh, Dawn — they’ve got a big job!

  9. My heart stilled for a moment. So many Marys. So much blessedness and protection.

  10. What a beautiful crowd, and all looking towards you as the co-creation takes shape!

    Sue x

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