One of my most anticipated summer events is the annual Antique Auto Club’s swap meet in August.   My husband, who  owns 3 antique automobiles, has taken me out a few times in the past, mostly to check out the vintage cars and to visit with his buddies. 

Well, last year I finally caught on…this was a veritable haven for cool rusty stuff for my artwork!  Unfortunately, when we arrived,  it was miserably rainy…and not the normal summer monsoon rain, where it builds up for hours and finally unleashes it’s fury, but the insufferable, soggy and muddy, won’t-stop kind of rain that makes everyone shroud their goods in yards of plastic and run for cover!

I  knew that there was an unimaginable treasure trove hidden right under our noses…I just didn’t know that it was to come in the form of THE ROCKET…which we both immediately knew we had to have!

It’s our very favorite piece of yard art.
 People see it and run over to hop on for a ride, or get a picture.  I swear it harbors the energy of all the joyous little tykes who  rode it through the years, and perhaps reminds us all of carefree childhoods.   I’ve seen THE ROCKET ooze pure joy for everyone that lays their eyes…or their bottoms…on it!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 26, 2011.

10 Responses to “THE ROCKET!”

  1. What fun! My boys loved those ride-on toys at parks and playgrounds. And who doesn’t feel like an intrepid explorer when riding a rocket to possibility?

  2. Love it Dawn, just love it!! What a find. I want to go for a ride. 🙂 Take care

  3. What a gift, priceless!

    Sue x

  4. I really like the way you have your house and yard–filled with things that make your heart sing and bring you joy! Love the rocket!! xoO

  5. oh yes!! love this little rocket. I am always drawn to objects that I can play on!

  6. Fabulous. I’m adding my energy to that little rocket. Even 100’s of miles away, my aim is true.

  7. I want a ride too! Can I ? Can I? What a cool and inviting toy to have in your front yard and so vintage. I love it Dawn. Great story too!

  8. Way cool rocket! Great to see you at the party tonight. Yea for summer and retirement!

  9. what can one say about a silver rocket in a friends yard?
    pure celestial jOy!

  10. A joyful piece indeed!

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