A Perfect Evening

Last summer, while visiting my husband’s family in Salt Lake City, I experienced the perfect evening.  My in-laws were there, as well as my husband, his aunt, and her daughter.  We drove up into a canyon to go to Ruby’s…long time hot spot opened by a hard talking/drinking/smoking single woman in the 1940’s.

The weather was perfect as we sat out on the patio, intoxicated by the flowers and the giggles of  little children at the next table.  A throaty blues musician was soulfully wrapping me around his guitar-strumming fingers, enticing me to quietly sing along.  The food was absolutely scrumptious; the conversation suited my political leanings for a change; the wine was ruby red and so very smooth. 

I’m finding that when I actually slow down and pay attention, I notice that there are many occasions when things just play out to perfection…and if we let them, they can balance out the stress and frustrations we experience too often in our day to day.

My joy is finding some magic everyday.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “A Perfect Evening”

  1. Beautiful post! I love the close up shots and your writing.

  2. Very beautiful Dawn. I enjoyed your words. Perfection!

  3. A wonderful memory — pure joy!

  4. Yes, and we can bring our memories from yesterday into today in order to make them magical–like this! Sharing the joy, xoO

  5. beautiful joy !

  6. That’s true-much better to concentrate on the positive side of things. Your evening sounds great!

  7. Poetry Break!! 🙂 Your words are beautiful, Dawn!

  8. Just today my grandchildren were playing in the water,the breeze was gentle,everyone was relaxed and happy.
    YES you are right it’s magic.

  9. Amen Sista!!!

  10. DITTO!

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