Haiku Blooming

Flushed array unfolds
Grand sentinels standing watch
Proud protectors, they

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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 24, 2011.

17 Responses to “Haiku Blooming”

  1. Lovely haiku, Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Are these Delphiniums? These are the tallest ones that I have ever seen! And so beautifully colored. What lovely images you have taken and your haiku is perfect. Dawn you are the Goddess of the Garden, I tell you. These are phenomenal. xoxox,

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful–photos and words. How I wish I had a camera that could take close-ups like this.

  4. Dawn, what magnificent blooms! Great haiku to go along with your photos. Makes me want my own camera even more!!

  5. They protect the beauty of the flower itself with more beauty. Great haiku and wonderful photographs!


  6. fields of hollyhoks against a blue sky…speaks of summer!

  7. I love hollyhocks! Beautiful words and image.

  8. ~proud protectors~ love that!

  9. cheeky pink blossoms
    petals like ballet tutus
    gay summer upstarts

  10. “Grand sentinels standing watch”

    LOVE this line… such beautiful, regal sentinels.

  11. Your Hollyhocks Rock!

    BTW Loved your ‘Hands’ post too.

    Sue x

  12. One of my favorite flowers and a beautiful poem! It’s early in the morning in the Netherlands, and it’s great to start the day with images and words like this! Thanks! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Its’ indeed very well thought out.. liked it .. Yes, one year is being celebrated.. with more Haikus.. indeed..

  14. Hollyhocks are some of my favorites.
    Beauty protects you!

  15. Dawn those hollyhocks are beautiful. I can hardly wait to plant the seeds you sent me. Just beautiful pictures. I wanted to share this link with you: I know you will love this blog. She does a lot of work like you. Have a great Sunday.


  16. Very clever and pretty at the same time.

  17. beautiful in every way!

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