I grew up regularly watching my father use his hands to create beautiful masterpieces out of wood…as an accomplished carpenter, cabinet maker, and builder of everything.   He could make or fix anything…no matter if it took several trips to the hardware store and a few choice words that others weren’t supposed to hear.

For me, the simple joy of creating something new out of a piece of wood, metal…or just about anything I deem as unique and/or cool…is not so much a desire as a need.  I’m simply not happy unless I’m regularly working with my hands…and if it’s with primitive materials, all the better.

Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to hands. 

 They do so  much…feel so much…mean so much.   Not only are they nuturing, but there’s a work ethic associated with the image of a hand…to take action…to create beauty. 

It makes for an assemblance of peace, JOY, and sanity in my world.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Hands…”

  1. These hands have such a warmth and vitality with the symbol of the sacred heart in the center of the first one and the heart symbol in the others Some of your work is so intricate. I think that using the hand is a great idea. Beautiful pieces, Dawn!

  2. Dawn, your hands (and your heart) are beautiful. The creative impulse is so compelling, isn’t it? I really like this meditation on hands. . . and its implicit tribute to your father’s gifts.

  3. I love hands and what they represent. I am always outlining my hand on paper or board and starting something but never finishing it. Your work is awesome, love that heart symbol. Great work Dawn!

  4. I need you all to know that these hands are part of my collection – NOT pieces that I’ve made myself. However, I have made both wood and metal hands recently…perhaps they’ll be featured in a future post somnetime soon!

  5. Dawn this is a lovely collection.
    Our hearts, souls, and hands are deeply connected.

  6. Love the selection you chose to put together … love the specialness of holding one’s heart!

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