Paradise a la Flea Market

Like most Saturdays in the summer, I ventured out to our local flea market yesterday, and actually got out there relatively early,  for once.  I was feeling a tad disappointed as I walked through the 1/2 empty spaces…that is, until I came upon the MOST FABULOUS BOOTH in the entire place!

It was run by Phoenician siblings, Becky and Ron, who not only had uber-cool-stuff, but who were fun and friendly, and more than fair with their prices!  I must have spent 45 minutes going through their beguiling items and amassed a large box full of treasures, plus another bag, and a red wire stand.  I decided to bring my car around to load up…but when I returned, there were new items to look at!  I probably spent another 20 minutes making an additional pile, as Ron and Becky, now in tune with my tastes, made suggestions, joked around, and then even helped me pack my car! 

I found several things that I will definitely be keeping, vintage items for my antique booth, and tons of unique items for making my artwork.  Some of them are shown below in yesterday’s stellar take.

Many thanks to Becky and Ron for the wonderful experience, the great deals, and the delight of PARADISE found in simple interactions with charming, friendly folks!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 19, 2011.

7 Responses to “Paradise a la Flea Market”

  1. paradise truly is in each unfolding moment…we only have to
    turn in the right direction to fill our hearts once more.

    thanks for sharing your collection of abundance…your happiness in meeting unexpected friends.

  2. What treasure!

  3. Lots of goodies. It’s always fun going to flea markets. Have a great week.

  4. Paradise is finding what you want when you never thought you would!

  5. Almost every Friday and Saturday I spend an hour or two at the garage and estate sales, so I can sure understand your excitement at this particular booth in the flea market. Paradise indeed.

  6. Oh it sounds more fun than a Turkish Bazaar! But don’t you just love those conversations that spring up so spontaneously? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Well just too fun! You never know when you are going to meet some Phoenicians at a local flea market. How great is that! The world is so much smaller these days. And what treasures you found! How fun. I love those kinds of shopping days!

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