Thanks to Rebecca


My husband and I are lucky enough to live in Prescott and to be good friends with the beautiful Rebecca and her husband.  Last night, after the Oaxaca Street Childrens’ Benefit Auction closed, we were invited over to their awesome home for a scrumptious dinner of salmon - that was marinated and deliciously grilled on cedar planks…the hands down best any of us have EVER had - with artichokes, baked potatoes, asparagus, nopal salad, and exquisite homemade dipping sauces.  Sweet burgundy wine flowed freely, with chasers of Rebecca’s specially brewed ruby red jimaica…to keep us all honest! 

 The auction itself took months of work to organize and execute – and for that, Rebecca surely deserves sainthood!  I was able to see her beguiling shrine firsthand and couldn’t get over the magnitude of its beauty and soulfulness…it’s truly a magical piece.  The auction turned out to be a huge success, thank to all her tireless work, plus that of the many artists who accompanied her on this phenomenal journey.

A heartfelt thanks to you, Rebecca…

for all that you do

all that you share

and all that you are.

~ by Dawn Elliott on June 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi Dawn. My comments thingy is messing up again. I left a comment but it didn’t take. Great photos of you and Rebecca and the meal sounds just awesome. Yum! I’m very lucky to have won your beautiful piece, Release My Heart and will treasure it always. I just have to wait for Rebecca to send me instrucions on what to do. Yay!! You women look great and I love the long skirts Rebecca is wearing. Have a great week.

  2. thank you for your wonderful honoring of our shrine gallery of hope! i am so pleased we could all come together in support of so many deserving children!

    i am especially happy that you and steve could share an evening of friendship, celebration and laughter with us!

    i love the sweet face of the young child in your last photograph. we have been blessed to share so much travel in mexico together!!!

    gracias mi amor!

  3. Rebecca herself is pure joy to everyone who knows her. And your photos and tribute give me joy because they are so colorful, descriptive and heartfelt. Thanks, Dawn! (Glad you and S had fun and were well fed.)

  4. oh my yes…beyond all measure Rebecca deserves kudos for this monumental effort!!!

    Are all these photos from Mexico or are some in Prescott…just curious and drinking in all the gorgeous color!

  5. So wonderful to see this photos of Rebecca. Thank you so much for sharing them. It is nice to see her in so many different venues as well. She is beautiful. Her heart shines through in every picture. She does deserve thanks, praise respect and of course the love of all her friends, which we are!! Yay Rebecca! thank you to everyone who contributed to such a wonderful event.

  6. Thank you Dawn for sharing these special moments with us, it’s lovely to see and makes me feel a little closer, living in the UK. What a precious thing friendship is and to think getting to know you all has been made possible by our sweet Rebecca.

    Sue x

  7. Dawn…you have certainly captured the beautiful spirit of our friend Rebecca. Sometimes it seems surreal. The magic we shared together in San Miguel.The continuing journey of gratitude, love, art, haikus, support and community here. I am missing all my Brooks Girls and just wanna sip some tequila and dance with you all.

  8. Great post! Lovely to see you both. And here here to your thanks to Rebecca-what a woman!

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