Antiques on the Square

One of my favorite Prescott happenings in the semi-annual
“Antiques on the Square”
where vendors come from far and wide to peddle their wares in the cool shade of our midwestern-looking courthouse square.  I’ve found countless treasures over the years,  always run into a few friends, and sometimes I just hang out in the beautiful surroundings watching folks meander.

 My JOY=

*lazy Sundays*
*warm weather*
*outside venues*
*visiting with friends*
*checking out way cool old stuff*
*good deals*
*hometown flavor*

Have a beautiful Thursday, everyone!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 20, 2011.

7 Responses to “Antiques on the Square”

  1. Come shop my junque in Texas!! I will pour you something cold and make you a good deal!

  2. I love these kinds of lazy Sundays as well! We have an art show here in Santa Barbara on Sundays on the Beach that is similar. This looks like such fun. I would like to come to Prescott some time soon. It seems like such a friendly place and two people that I have a true affinity for live there! Thanks for the Joy!

  3. i love our court house….as close to a zocalo as you can get to this far north of the border. hope your day there for the annual antiques on the square was teaming with everything you love!

  4. I’m loving the 50’s table cloths I see here…you must have had a great time!

  5. My love and I keep looking at a large USA map and dreaming of the places we would love to visit, and yes Prescott is one of them for so many reasons!

    Sue x

  6. Oh Dawn, I just love browsing Prescott’s shops and square. I had a lovely day there a couple of years ago with my cousin (who lives in the Phoenix area) and her daughter, who teaches photography at Prescott College. It’s such a beautiful little town and has you, Steve, Rebecca, and Billy living there. In other words, a magical place!

  7. Thank you for sharing your joy with me, Dawn! I hope that this weekend is full of relaxation again. It certainly is the time of year in Prescott to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. xoO

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