Haiku Our Rain

No monsoon fury
Calming rains caress the night
Gentle elixer

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 22, 2011.

11 Responses to “Haiku Our Rain”

  1. I’m so jealous. I’d love some of the calming rains. Send them here, please! Your garden is wonderful.

  2. The Monsoons have skirted north and west of us almost this whole season. Those we had were furious haboobs.
    Thankfully you are receiving gentle blessings.

  3. We don’t get soft subtle rain this time of year. Every episode is a thunderstorm. Would actually love a slow soft overnight rain, and a little carryover in the early morning before the day gets rolling. You have given me good thoughts with this today. thanks.


  4. What a lovely garden! We’ve had a lot of rain – some say it’s because it rained on St Swithin’s Day. I just put it down to the great British summer!

  5. i will take the rain any way it comes, fast, slow, peaceful, even with a fury. great to see your garden….
    so glad you are here sharing your haiku heart.

  6. I love the rain in summer. We have had a bit of overcast sky but alas, no sweet rain. Your garden is beautiful. I am still jealous of how green your thumb is, Dawn! Lovely image and haiku.

  7. No rain here in So Cal, but weather is beautiful. Wherever you are, your garden is thriving! I just love your site so much. I gave my friend Chris a link to your blog when I visited this week. She lives part of the time in Mexico–Todos Santos.

  8. There’s lots of TLC evident in your garden, mmmmm, hungry!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sue x

  9. i love a rain that is a “gentle elixir.” great line… and we could use some of that elixer right about now!

  10. the most beautiful of all… water… refreshing… you have a most charmed garden…

  11. Aha, a haiku after my own heart. I love the idea of rain caressing the night. Lovely lines.

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