The Rusty Mother Lode

I just spent five days in the White Mountains in Eastern Arizona visiting several family members.  We did the usual garage sale shopping and went to all the thrift stores, but the big excitement came when we went out to see who my mom affectionately calls “the junk man.”

He is none other than Lamell Lewis, longtime antiquer and, in my opinion, collector of all things cool.  My mom, sister-in-law Chris, and I paid him a visit on Friday morning…and I found myself digging through a huge pile of rusty treasures beyond my wildest dreams!

I found multitudinous old stove parts, barbed wire, ancient pieces of ceiling tin, weathered wood, finials, chains, enamel, miscellaneous do-dads…you name it.  We spent an hour and a half wandering the grounds and making a pile of my own…and soon realized that we really needed to come back again, so we spent another 90 minutes there on Sunday!

I have dreams about this kind of stuff and am stoked beyond belief!
I can’t wait to get into my studio today with all this new creative fodder and play.

Oh yeah, Chris and I dubbed ourselves the “Picker-ettes,” and thought that maybe we could have a shot at a new cable show…

~ by Dawn Elliott on July 12, 2011.

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  1. How exciting Dawn. It must feel really good to be able to make something new from all this as you say, “creative fodder.” That’s a lot of talent you have. Your mind must really be going full blast right now visualizing what all this will become. Ayeeeeee, wish I had your talent. Have fun being your creative self.

  2. great shrine booty indeed,
    you have hit the mother load of rust!!!!

    (i can just imagine the three of you going at this treasure hunt full bore!)

  3. joyful junk !!!
    Happy playing !

  4. Oh my gosh — that place is Dawn Heaven! My only question is: where do you stash all this great stuff until you incorporate it into one of your assemblages? And how does S. react to your finds? Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. Meri,
    I have a large rust pile growing in my yard, which I will probably blog about soon! My sweetie says we have too much stuff, but luckily for me, he collects, as well!

  6. Very cool…you must be over the top excited to have all this new stuff to play with!

  7. i love your red blouse~

  8. I love junk and other found art and it looks like it was a whole lot of fun! xoO

  9. Hi Dawn,
    I love that you have these treasure hunts and great finds. One man’s junk is another woman’s pot’o gold. The T.V. show idea sounds fantastic. I will be your first viewer. By the way, I did post a joyful post today called the story of zero. Just didn’t want you to think that I was too sad.

  10. That looks like my kind of place! Rusty heaven indeed.

  11. Reliving memories of an afternoon well spent!

  12. Good name. Fabulous place.

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