Haiku Autumn

Hot days still abound
Yet foliage bares it’s clues
Autumn draws a breath

Yes, it’s still high summer, but there are little signs everywhere that show autumn lurking.  Not too fast, we clamour…but it will arrive in it’s own sweet time, nonetheless.
Enjoy every last moment of this awesome season!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “Haiku Autumn”

  1. I love hollyhocks and look at all those seeds! Summer has been miserable here … way too hot. So, I am looking forward to Autumn … sometime in November!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yes, signs of autumn here…cool mornings and evenings sandwiched in between hot hot days.

  3. I’m ready for some of autumn’s breath! (It just might hurry some of this beastly heat along!)

  4. You always have the perfect image for your haiku, Dawn! Late-summer bloomers are ready to burst! Thank God Indian summer is still to come giving us that lovely respite before the end of growth and the beginning of winter…

  5. autumn draws a breath…lovely, this hardly a whisper presence. your hollyhocks half blooming…half seeding. really beautiful dawn,
    this honoring of all that is to come.

  6. i hope you will have a chance to visit today…the invitation is out for dia de bloglandia!!!
    stephanie and i look forward to a soul stirring time, won’t you join us?

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