Route 66 Still Rocks

For me, it’s a total joy to drive through Northern Arizona to New Mexico on old Route 66.  I lived in Flagstaff for years, which is a great jumping off point…

My first teaching job in Winslow, home to the extraordinary La Posada…one of the historic railroad hotels and Harvey Houses.  It was designed and furnished by Mary Colter, the premier southwest architect of the era.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t open - nor was I even aware of it  -  when I lived there in the early eighties.

 Then there’s Holbrook, home of the Wigwam Motel.  I’ve seen the teepees from I-40 numerous times, but this time I was able to take a peek.   Vintage cars were parked out front, creating an ambiance of days gone by.

There’s also Gallup, home of El Rancho Hotel…the hot spot for actors of early Westerns, such as John Wayne and Henry Fonda, whose photographs line the walls.

And how about countless little mission churches, sometimes barely visable just off the road?  I want to visit every one, and sit reverently inside their sanctuaries…listening for the whisper of their stories.

Driving to New Mexico isn’t a burden for me at all… it’s a joyous, historical delight!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 17, 2011.

8 Responses to “Route 66 Still Rocks”

  1. Great pictures. Yes it would be a joy driving out that way. I love that mission like next to the cemetary. It’s just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  2. joyous and hysterical…well, ok,,,,that’s how I read it….loving this journey along with you

  3. I’m going along for the ride!

  4. oh! this all looks soooo familiar! Wonderful to think I traveled this same path recently. We stayed at El Rancho, what a piece of history that was!

  5. those are my kind of road trips!
    keep daring, no burdens, only fun 😉

  6. Dawn, thanks for taking me with you by these photos. I love the vintage wigwam shot — and didn’t know that Henry Fonda was a photographer too. The little churches are very enticing!

  7. so much beauty out here in the great southwest. so glad you could share this adventure with your friend and drink it all in deeply with great appreciation.
    thank you for the enchantment of it all.

  8. What a beautiful tour of New Mexico Dawn. I had not seen many of those places. I had driven through Gallup to get to Santa Fe but that was about it. So many lovely little spots in N.M. I have been to Taos and Albuquerque also and a few small towns in between so this was a real treat and much appreciated.

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