Three Years at the Newman Gallery!

When my husband and I got married, I told him that whenever he needed a present for me, a gift certificate from the Newman Gallery would always fit the bill.  The gallery is a cutting edge little establishment with Dave’s awesome artwork, plus unique and funky items that include the most incredible sterling silver jewelry around!  Little did I know at the time, but my favorite gallery and I were about to collide!

In August of 2008, I began working with the Newmans after a successful Artist of the Month stint at the  Arts Prescott Artists’ Co-op.  This month marks three years working with Dave and Donna Newman, who are wonderful folks in every sense of the word. They’ve become personal friends of my husband and mine, have introduced us the lots of incredible people, have been awesome mentors, and even have become collectors of my work!

 Dave, Bubba, and I did a show together called Los Tres Artisanos.

Mission San Luis Rey picked me up for their gift shop after seeing my work in the Newman Gallery.

I met my friend Leia through the Newmans and we just did a show in Santa Fe together.

Summize it to say, I am forever grateful to the Newmans for having faith in me and my work!

If you find yourself in Prescott, AZ, the Newman Gallery is not to be missed.  Stop by 106-A South Montezuma Street on historic Whiskey Row, give Donna, Nancy, or Jane a shout out, and discover for yourself the delights that wait inside.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 24, 2011.

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  1. Just wonderful Dawn. If I was there I would definitely go in and buy something of yours. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful to have a place of dreams and joy fulfilled and anticipated! Congratulations!!

  3. i love how opening doors can take us places we have yet to dream about. i am so happy for you dawn. i hope everyone who reads your joy post will discover a door within themselves, and the courage to open it fully to the light of possibilities.

  4. What a joy — and I think I browsed it with my cousin and her daughter Jen. Jen teaches at Prescott College.

  5. i am very happy for you too!
    you have support and understanding from them
    yay for the Newman Gallery!!!

  6. how wonderful to be working and doing what you love.

  7. I’ll be going to Prescott soon, so guess where I’ll find my joy?!
    Dancing for Joy!

  8. this was a wonderful expression of joy. happy day to you. I’m happier for having visited

  9. Loved this post. You have spread your joy through this very inspirational post, and I thank you for that. If I am ever in Prescott I will be sure to visit the Newman Gallery.

  10. What a beautiful place and such beautiful beautiful work!

  11. How wonderful Dawn. I love seeing all of your artwork up there. For a moment I thought you were going to say that it was in Santa Fe and I was wondering how I had missed it. If I am in prescott I will stop in, but it is so great to have such support for your work for all of these years. A dream come true.

  12. Fabulous post, Dawn!

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