Arizona Best Fest Weekend

Over the weekend, my husband and I spent time on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday checking out the huge Arizona Centennial celebration in Prescott.  The weekend was jam-packed with activities, closing down 9 blocks in the center of town!  Nobody knew quite what to expect…and truthfully, at first we thought we might avoid the whole thing…but it turned out to be a blast!

There were six stages with local and national bands playing continually, science and history pavilions, western, Native American, and Hispanic Villages,  Arizona films, beer and wine gardens featuring locally made libations, fireworks, Victorian fashion shows, the Cowboy Poets gathering, fly-overs by smoke-trailing vintage planes, ethnic foods, childrens’ activities, and lots more!

My favorite place, hands down, was the Hispanic Village, with its beautiful dancing girls…

with their skirts flying…

the mariachi bands…

the colorful decorations…

with fancy attire…

and the presence of the ever-adoring Virgin of Guadalupe.

With its sights and sounds and smells, it truly felt like we were in Mexico…which to me is pure JOY!

The Arizona Best Fest will be going to Phoenix and Tucson in the next few months to continue the celebration of Arizona’s 100 years of statehood that began on February 12, 1912.
It’s certainly worth attending, if you get a chance!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 19, 2011.

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  1. I felt the same way, planned to avoid it and I’m so glad I didn’t! I wish I’d gone on Friday! I went Sat. and Sun. and didn’t get to see everything. I’m not surprised you loved the Hispanic village, I thought of you while I was there. I think my favorite was the Native American village, although I loved all the entertainment on the various stages. Good times!!

  2. I almost went to Prescott last weekend, but ended up in Kingman instead. Now I wish I had gone with my first inclination!


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    Featherless Pomegranate

  3. What delicious colors and the “joy” in music and dance! WOW!!!

  4. What joyous sights ! I can almost hear the sounds…
    Happy Thursday !

  5. I love visiting the southwest; this festival looks fun.
    Thanks for the JOY.

  6. Looks like an amazing time — wish I had been there with you!

  7. How fun! I LOVE the flowers on the arch and the dancing skirts!

  8. looks like fun. love the colors and dancing.

  9. thank you for taking these photographs dawn! of all the weeks to leave town, this had to be mine. so glad you are sharing this close up view of prescott’s centennial celebration. amazing and wonderful!

  10. Fantastic and beautiful photographs, Dawn. Love the Calaveras and the Catrinas. The dancing girls are just lovely. What a festive occasion! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. That looks like a good mix of culture and music and dance! Thanks for sharing the joy!

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