Flea Market Haven

Once again, I hit pay dirt yesterday while roaming around the local flea market.

One booth made it all worthwhile…it was that perfect combination of funky vintage merchandise and killer prices!

I also dug through pounds and pounds of cut out metal pieces for the letters in ALTER EGO MEXICANA

…to make a sign for the upcoming studio tour.

The flea market continues to give me a rush and be my ultimate weekend paradise!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 4, 2011.

13 Responses to “Flea Market Haven”

  1. Good finds!!
    Love your new sign

  2. I went to the flea market yesterday. I love to rumage around through other people’s junk. I didn’t find any treasures on this visit, but i did get some good ideas. I agree, it is a paradise to wander amongst the ghosts.


  3. these letters suit you to a T!!!!

  4. Mecca. Pay dirt. Postcards from Paradise. You might want to keep the location a secret. Otherwise it will be run over by Californians, like Bellingham. LOL Everybody is moving here!!!

    P.S. I LOVE my crowned heart!

  5. wonderful treasures! is the porringer pewter? wish your fleas were near me! your sign looks great!

  6. Nice, very nice…and so fitting.:)) Have a wonderful Sunday and Monday.:)

  7. Dawn, your sign is beautiful! Great finds!

  8. I can imagine how you feel coming across a hoard of treasure like this – paradise!

    Sue x

  9. i love flea markets, looks like you found some great stuff. the letters for your sign are really cool. i can imagain those worked into a lot of collages.

  10. Love this kind of stuff. Awesome finds.

  11. I do a few hours of garage and estate sales each weekend, but haven’t had a bonanza like this one for a while. I love your sign.

  12. What fun pictures! I think flea markets can be so much fun! I love searching for treasures. : ) Way to go finding the letters you needed. Your sign looks beautiful!

  13. Those flea markets must be a lot of fun. I can imagine the treasures you find in those places. I love your sign, so colorful and artistically done. Just beautiful.

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