Haiku Expressions

Desire felt for years
Personal rite of passage
Art now graces flesh

Yup, it’s real!
It looks like a henna tattoo, which I’ve had many times before, and loved.  Tattooed friends tell me that they’re proud of me; others are agast or somehow disappointed…but I did it for myself.  I’m finally to a point in my life that it’s okay if other people don’t agree with my personal choices.

I loved the artist, Jeff, the owner of Inxon in Cottonwood….who was very down to earth, talented, and not scary at all…plus it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected.  A dear friend went with me, and believe it or not, it was really a very pleasant experience.

Truth is, I’m feeling very feminine and and totally jazzed!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 30, 2011.

14 Responses to “Haiku Expressions”

  1. You have every right to be “jazzed”, and it looks great! I love the way you made the haiku fit your experience. When the page opened and i saw thew photo before reading, I immediately thought it was henna becauase of the color. Looks good, and I totally agree with your sentiments about others.My motto is, “It’s none of my business what you (collective) think of me.”

    Much Peace

  2. Yay for doing something so uniquely You for yourself. I am thinking of one for my 50th which is in 5 years. I need to find the right design though.
    Enjoy your body art ! It is lovely.
    Happy Friday !

  3. Absolutely do what you feel is best for you. I love it Dawn, it’s just beautiful. I’m at that point in my life where I feel the same and with so few years remaining in my life, I want to do what I want. Happy days to you Dawn, always and forever.

  4. I love it Dawn! It seems to fit you perfectly.
    Great design.

  5. Personal rite
    Personal right…

    {{ i does look like
    a henna tattoo
    which i have had
    on my hands whilst in morocco…
    i never felt more graceful
    in my whole life
    and was disappointed
    when it faded.}}

  6. I’m happy for you. It looks graceful and feminine. I’m in the mood for a new tattoo myself but haven’t set aside any money toward it. Here’s hoping I get jazzed up enough to do it.

  7. Very decorative and stylish design!! Looks cool and when you feel “jazzed up” and feel very “feminine” what the heck how anyone feels!! One has to feel good to do good!! 🙂

  8. Wow! Love the image!! I stick with my ‘sticker tattoo’s’ (always on my foot too, and images alike yours..) The haiku says it all… go girl!!!

  9. it’s beautiful Dawn! I love that it looks like a henna design, nice choice!!

  10. Wherever you are, there “art” thou!

    This poet’s choice here and here

  11. Lovely haiku and tattoo. Totally understand the rite of passage….I have 2 tats the first one I got at age 21 a small bird….the 2nd tat at age 50.

  12. i recognize that cute little foot, i believe it gave up shoes for lent this year! my high school boyfriend grew up to be a renowned tattoo artist credited with the revival of tribal tattoos. i discovered this a few years ago when i unexpectedly saw a Discovery program all about him with incredibly interviews. you can google him…a gazillion pages jump up, leo zulueta. i will never forget him or his place in my heart. (i could have added so much intrigue to that discovery show!!!)

  13. Beautiful henna tattoo, Dawn. I love those designs. I think they have a great deal of meaning in the culture from which they originate. I would like to learn more about them. The artist did a fine job on yours. It looks lovely. Great to do something for yourself that is meaningful for you!

  14. Beautiful tattoo…a lovely right of passage…I have two tattoos and I love them

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