Haiku Pears

Prolific pears reign
Thriving after years of naught
Scrumptious rendezvous

My husband and I have lived in this house for six years and this is the second real crop of pears we’ve been able to harvest.  They are big, juicy, and delicious, and everyday we are thankful for the bounty and pace of nature…ever reminding us to be patient for the prize.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 15, 2011.

14 Responses to “Haiku Pears”

  1. How very special, to harvest your own fruit! The photo illustrates the photo perfectly, and I got my mouth watering!

  2. YES! “patient for the prize” A good lifes motto I believe!

  3. Yummy, worth the wait, how many things can you do with a pear? I love a slice of pear with a Stilton cheese sandwich.

    Happy weekend,

    Sue x

  4. They do look good Dawn! Great haiku – enjoy your pears!!

  5. Yummy Pears are in season now here too!! Patience pays!! 🙂

  6. Oh, like this a lot. Haiku great and pears yummy.


  7. Dawn,
    They look delicious, like pure gold. It shows that you have tended them with patience and love. The fruit of your labors is juicy and luscious indeed. Beautiful image.

  8. I can’t imagine how wonderful to go right out my back door and pick a beauty like this!

  9. Beautiful, golden prize rewarded your patience.

  10. Nice looking crop…love your haiku

  11. Oh, they look luscious! I can imagine the juices dribbling down my chin after biting into one!

    Chimes here and here and here

  12. Patient for the prize. Amen!

  13. So simple, so powerful! Thanks.

  14. this is a delicious haiku in every way.
    i can hardly begin to catch up on all the haiku while i was away in mendocino. love your golden pears and scrumptious rendezvous!
    can you believe september is almost over?

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