Overgrown Haiku

Overgrown garden
Leaves and vines entwined in bliss
My disheveled grace

We had friends over last Sunday for a music gathering, and when I showed some of them around the yard, at first I was feeling a little embarrassed about the state of my garden…until I realized that I love it just the way it is…and I embraced the messiness.

 I do believe I’ve found myself a new creed!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 1, 2011.

14 Responses to “Overgrown Haiku”

  1. oh oh
    if only my back yard
    So fine!

    {{ i shall tell those
    viewing it now
    this is my “”disheveled grace””
    then i will thank you from my heart
    for this idea…}}

  2. this has been the summer of going wild! i feel the bliss of such outpourings of life. have you ever felt so surrounded by green?
    loving your summer garden, if only the world could co mingle so fruitfully!
    generous, teaming with life haiku!

  3. Love it like this. My garden is the same way. Over grown and just beautiful. I have hiding places everywhere in the backyard. Very nice Dawn. Have a great weekend.

  4. It’s growing like a garden should! Uninhibited!

  5. i love the phrase “My disheveled grace.” and you make me feel so much better about my own untidy garden (not to mention my house, at the moment 😉

    noelle shared a poem with me that reminds me of your haiku, and i think you’ll love it, so i’m passing it along here:


  6. It looks so happy in its disheveled grace! Wonderful!

  7. I love the mess! It’s like verdant chaos!! And your phrasing – “My dishevelled grace” – oh what an image that conjures up! =))

  8. This is overflowing beauty and abundance. Nature does the work gloriously.

  9. we have far to many over trimmed, over cultured yards. your’s is beautiful.

  10. Dawn, this is actually lush and gorgeous! Rich profusion everywhere! If only fall and winter didn’t take it away!

  11. Nature’s harmony.

  12. love your garden of delight ; ) my favorite compliment ever received about my yard – it looks like a jungle! They didn’t mean it in a nice way, but I love the jungle look!

  13. I love this ‘wilderness’ which is beautiful wild and freeing!

  14. I love a wild overgrown garden!

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