Dia de Bloglandia

What a journey it has been this past month, preparing for Dia de los Muertos with a whole host of blogging friends and vicariously experiencing this awesome holiday together.  Thanks be to Rebecca and Stephanie for spearheading our wonderful adventure!

I was planning to make a cajita shrine for Dia de Bloglandia all along…but about 4 days ago, I realized that the shrine I’ve actually been excited about is my home altar.  That’s what has been grabbing my energy and attention…
and this year, it’s all about the children.

I never knew that I had so many Mexican objects that relate to childhood joy.  Like many ‘collectors,’ I stash little things here and there as I acquire them.  I’ve been cleaning and organizing my house lately, and each time I’d come across something fun,
I’d place it on the altar.

My intent is to honor the little children and their right to be
carefree, spontaneous, and innocent.
To be fair, I might also be placating my own inner child…I just know that it’s been like making one of my shrine boxes on a much large scale…and I couldn’t have had more fun creating and remembering with all of you…

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos everyone!

To celebrate with all of  us, visit Rebecca and Stephanie for more Muertos offerings!

~ by Dawn Elliott on October 31, 2011.

15 Responses to “Dia de Bloglandia”

  1. Oh I love your shrine, it is beautiful with all the right things. I love that you are honoring the little children. This is a good time for us all to honor each other as well. Thank you Dawn for your beautiful shrine.

  2. Oh my goodness, Dawn, your altar is wonderful!! If I read this correctly, it sounds like you leave this up all year. I think that it’s so special and loving ~ your honoring of the children. After all, they are our future.
    Your collection of special items is a celebration in itself.
    So happy to meet you, Dawn.
    ♥ audrey

  3. What beautiful collections you have gathered here. Thank you for being part of dia de bloglandia Dawn!

  4. I love that your inner child recognized and honored other children. Beautiful altar.

  5. To be carefree and playful is something well worth honoring both for children and our own child within. Thanks for spreading such a joyful spirit today.

    Sue x

  6. You have a wonderful collection! Enjoyed your children’s shrine tribute.

  7. And Feliz Dia de Los Muertos to you, too. I just love what you have offered us — eye and memory candy honoring the children. I haven’t been in Mexico for more than 10 years, but so fondly remember all those trips my family made when the kids were growing up. My boys surfed, we all did offroad motorcycling, and every kid got to bring a friend. And then we always made friends, too. Your post really jogged my memory. Thanks.

  8. Feliz dia de los muertos.

  9. A wondrous child-centered altar. It warms this teacher’s heart!

    The Veil Is Thin

  10. Love your altar, Dawn. So many cheerful toys and such honoring death. Thank you for sharing your collection!!

  11. as you might image i have been reflecting on oaxaca, san miguel and our many many nights in the panteon together. i have waited till night fall to light candles and slowly begin traveling from one offrenda to the next. your altar is so beautiful and charming. i love that you have honored children and times of innocence and joy. i am so glad that even when we do not find ourselves in mexico we still continue in these traditions of the heart.

  12. Dawn – This is so cute! I love everything Mexican , your altar is full of warm and Mexican traditional artefacts, I just love it.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comments. Take care.

  13. Hello Dawn,
    What a beautiful shrine of loveliness and a beautiful intent for innocence of children everywhere and for our child spirt within.

    Isn’t it interesting to see how you realized you had a collection you didn’t even know about?

    I like what it says about you!!
    Happy All Souls Day!

  14. This is truly amazing! Wow. Gorgeous shrine!

  15. Your shrine is filled with such delightful little bits and pieces. The little candlestick on the left reminds me that I had something like that years ago. I loved it but, oddly, now that I think about it, I haven’t seen it in a long, long time. I wonder what happened to it?

    I’m traveling to SoCal in December and plan to go to Olvera Street. I will particularly look for one to replace it.

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