Haiku Memories

Standing always proud
Testament to days gone by
Dreams of simpler days

Driving the back roads southwest of Santa Fe earlier this week, my husband and I came upon a little museum full of vintage gas pumps…something that neither of us could resist!
Ahhh, yesteryear… it’s always easy to think things were easier back then, isn’t it?

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~ by Dawn Elliott on October 13, 2011.

13 Responses to “Haiku Memories”

  1. Oh and they were easier. Those are just beautiful pumps, what a treat. When my husband and I moved to Modeso in 1989 the gas was less than 99 cents. Unbelievable. Life indeed was easier then. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A beautiful haiku, and a great photo! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dawn,
    I went to Santa Fe earlier this week as well. Perfect weather,spirit and beauty.Ahhh
    These pumps are so cool.

  4. Just lovely!

  5. You have very nice memories. Well done.

  6. You have very nice memories. Keep them fresh.


  7. so am i in love
    with Rust,
    i made your photo
    my Screen Saver of the Day!

    Super Shell Soldiers
    rusting in a row!

    {{ i bet they
    are dreaming
    of Gasoline 4 sale
    at 20cents a gallon }}

    isn’t haiku
    The Best
    for streamlining thought!
    well-done, missy…

  8. What a find! Love how look all lined up.

  9. oh the stories they could tell!

    great find, perfect rust!

  10. I remember simpler days..I long for them to return…love the picture and your words

  11. Isn’t it great how you can find places like this in towns like Santa Fe. I recall being in Moscow, Idaho and walking into a button museum. And the same summer, I was in Wyoming, and they had a museum with an entire floor devoted to barbed wire and how it had changed over the years. Apparently it is a mark of culture there, and so I suppose are gas tanks when you think about Route 66. Nice nostalgic post, Dawn.

  12. Dawn, this is amazing! Your words are so true, but what an extraordinary thing to have a museum for!We just don’t venerate things like those old pumps, here in the UK. I often wonder if it’s merely an issue of “space” and overcrowding?!

  13. Oh wow… the photo brings back so many memories!

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