Haiku Ruins

Ruins of bygone days
One can only imagine
Mother Road’s heyday

This is what you see when driving about 30 miles east of Flagstaff on Interstate 40 today…

…the aging ruins of an old Route 66 town called Two Guns.

It used to have a gas station, overnight accommodations, a cafe, and souvenir shop.  A zoo was later added that included mountain lions, bobcats, and panthers.

The building of I-40 effectively killed Two Guns, like so many other Route 66 towns, and today, no one lives there at all.

 Mr. E. and I decided to take a look around when we were in the area last month, and then, of course, we had to read all about the history of Canyon Diablo, which is adjacent to the site.

If you like colorful wild west ghost towns, this one just might just interest you!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on November 17, 2011.

16 Responses to “Haiku Ruins”

  1. Very interesting. I like how you take little trips here and there and always come back to us and show us what you seen. It’s weird the way we will look at something from the past and think of who were they, did they stand where I’m standing. I do the same when I go to estate sales and find something I like and then later look at it, use it and think to myself that someone held this fork or used this plate. Oh now I’m getting blustery, tee hee. Nice post, take care. Happy weekend to you.

  2. What a great looking place.

  3. Two Guns is my “neighbor,” so I have great respect for your offering. I know that Joe knows the place intimately as well, s thank you from both of us!

  4. This is fascinating and sad at the same time… England isn’t really so big that we have ghost towns like that. Our biggest problem is going to be overcrowding soon.
    Thanks for another look into your world. xo

  5. Such beauty in desolation. One and only imagine, indeed! Wishing you well!

  6. love the old ghost towns! Where I grew up in New Mexico is almost a ghost town now – Thanks for memories!

  7. Wow…thank you for sharing a little bit about this lost place with us.
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  8. I would love to stroll in such a place… wonderful photos!

  9. i think your haiku and photographs will have joe dreaming of his next road trip! beautiful vistas full of stories. so glad you shared them with us.

  10. A tribute to the passing of time. Very interesting, Dawn!

  11. wow…great stuff here

  12. We enjoyed our time on the old route 66 so much…the history that is in every mile of the old blacktop.

  13. In my home as a young person we sat and watched lots of westerns on TV, that’s the closest I have been to scenes like these, now as an adult I can enjoy the real thing as experienced through the eyes of my haiku family, thank you.

    Sue x

  14. Ruins always tell a story, sometimes hidden, but there!

  15. Fantastic shots!

  16. So interesting. Makes me want to come and visit again.

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