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 I recently had a new experience with my art, in that I had my first professional pictures taken of several of my larger pieces, so I could submit them for the Arizona Centennial Exhibit at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson.

 Tohono Chul is  recognized as one of the great desert botanical gardens in the world, and its emphasis is on connecting art, culture, and nature.  In addition to the gardens, there is a lovely indoor/outdoor tea room, two awesome gift shops, and an art gallery that continually perpetuates Arizona artists and the great diversity of the southwest.

Located at the western base of the Santa Catalina Mountains, the grounds are in the lush Sonoran desert where I grew up, and time spent there is truly magical.

The show is part of the Arizona Centennial Celebration which kicked off in Prescott last September, moves to Tucson in January, and will end up in Phoenix for the official party on February 14th.

Today I submitted three of  these pieces.

My goal this year was to put my art ‘out there’ and I’ve done just that.
Now it’s in someone else’s hands, and the waiting and wondering begins…

~ by Dawn Elliott on November 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “Professional Photos”

  1. all the pieces are wonderful. I hope you are picked for the show and have a great time getting it out there!

  2. Oh I am happy for you and glad you accomplished your goal. They will go fast. I know if I was there, I’d snatch one up fast and if I could afford it, I’d snatch them all. tee hee. Have a great day and continue your success. Take care.

  3. They are all incredible! It would be hard to pick which three to submit. I hope one of them was the first one. That beautiful green just grabbed me right away, and then you just start looking deeper from there. It’s beautiful.

  4. They are all winners but the to shrine is especially good. I love the drape of the (bent metal??) around the mini-door background. And the crucifix and rosary and scapula together is perfect to complete this holy embrace.

  5. Dawn, I am moved by the 5th photo, the round piece with angel inside. Lots of details that are interesting and plenty of symbolism that makes me think.

  6. Hey. I just found your blog through a link on Suzanne Edminster’s site. But I can’t find a subscribe option. Where is it? May I subscribe by email, please? This is a good-looking blog.

  7. As for the 5th photo, I too love it. In my mind it’s name would be “Baby Wings.”

  8. i think your first piece featured here is perhaps my favorite of all your work! beautiful dawn!

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