Sasabee Kitty Joy

My sweet Sasabee started sneezing so much last night that I took her to the vet today, and lo and behold, she had an upper respiratory infection that required a big old antibiotic shot!

She was found by a gal that already had six cats – and there was Sasabee with three kittens in tow!  My cat, Juniper, had died only weeks before and I wasn’t going to get another pet right away…until my friend told me about the situation…and, of course, I caved.  The rescuer was afraid that no one would want the mom - but  immediately we locked eyes, and that was all she wrote.

She was feral, and still shows signs of that “wildness”10 years later, like not being very open to newcomers, and being an incredible hunter – though thankfully, she’s toned that down a lot in recent years.
Now she likes to sleep…a lot.

 When I first took her home she hid for awhile, then came out and streaked by me as I sat motionless on the stairs.  She almost immediately ran past me going down…up, down, and so on… until she finally let me touch her.  She really tough, yet such a scardy cat…

She manages to get into a fair amount of mischief, but what bonafide kitty doesn’t?
I think it’s part of their DNA.

Regardless, she brings me enormous joy on all fronts daily – even now, as I hear her sneezing from the bedroom – gotta love her!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on November 30, 2011.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Kitty Joy. I have two fur persons — Deja Mew and Purrsnickety. They regularly head butt me — and the bedroom door when they want in at night.

  2. love the photos! my guys would love to come to your house to play! and tear up!

  3. We love cats (and have 5).
    Also dogs (2).
    Pets are such an integral part of daily life.

  4. She’s beautiful. I love how cats ignore you one minute and then climb all over you the next.

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