My Surrogate Mary

In the sewing room
My surrogate Mary dwells
Blessing me always

I guess I can’t quite let go of the Mary theme just yet!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on December 15, 2011.

24 Responses to “My Surrogate Mary”

  1. what a lovely idea – a surrogate Mary – I love your haiku

  2. good one.. very beautifully put.. and blessings shall flow always..

    you can meet me here:

  3. Great words.

  4. And why would you Dawn? She’s brilliant!! What a fanatstic persona you have created!

  5. Amazing! Wonderful words for reflection!

  6. Lovely surrogate Mary ~ love the creativity! Haikiu is wonderful ~ Here is my first try~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy HMH 6-6

  7. That is precious! I was thinking of doing another Mary myself for today, but opted for a change. Glad to see someone thought about it and did it! I think you need to make some clothing for her with that Guadalupe material I showed on my blog. What’dya think?


  8. Surrogate Mary has a wonderful energy to her !

    Happy Friday !

  9. she is my nominee for the winner. you can change her looks, give her companions, turn her back on the world what ever the day says to you!

  10. i love the company you keep!

  11. Nicely done!

  12. I love her…now I must have one too! Our Lady of Needle and Thread

  13. I’m glad you haven’t!
    This is just fantastic
    in every way. I love the
    idea of a surrogate Mary!

  14. She is just lovely!

  15. I really love this and what lovely things she wears!

  16. Surrogate works. She is lover-ly.

  17. Beautifully done. I love the crown especially and the idea of her. Blessings to you,

  18. She can take on any guise you want always ready to try out new things for you!

    Sue x

  19. fantastic! i love the rooster milagro (?)

  20. Hi Dawn. How wonderful that your surrogate Mary is there for you. Nice! 🙂

  21. I adore this!!!!!!!!
    Never let go!

  22. I think it’s totally cool! I love your haiku. The substitute Mary invites creativity.

  23. I can’t let it go either, but I think that’s a good thing. I like your mannikin very much.

  24. Great haiku…nice to have a surrogate named Mary

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