Solstice Wedding

Minstrels serenade

Blessed union in the snow

Solstice marriage vows


Dear friends of ours got married on Wednesday in a century-old, snow laden orchard just outside of town.  It may well have been the most intimate and beautiful service I’ve ever witnessed.  What a glorious day!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on December 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “Solstice Wedding”

  1. oh dawn i am so happy you shared these snippets of solstice love! my heart rejoices especially for von, may her red roses in the snow bloom in love eternal.

  2. LOVE!!

  3. A beautiful time.

  4. How sweet and perfect !
    Thanks for sharing their tale with us.
    Wishing you the sweetest of holidays, Dawn ! Merry Christmas !

  5. Boundless love. I think you meant minstrels, not mistrials. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. What a beautiful setting for their wedding. I wish them long days of love. Merry Christmas!

  7. Dawn, how beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me of the old days, flowers in her hair and a wedding in the backyard. Nice. Happy Holidays!

  8. beautiful beautiful! how romantic!

  9. What a beautiful, intimate and joyful time to be wed, just before Christmas, a time of birth and renewal. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  10. what a wonderful twist – every version of a wedding is beautiful!

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