Virgins of Stone

If you care to notice when walking in San Miguel de Allende, you’ll find Virgins around every corner…

This one, resting in her private niche, adorns an antiquated doorway.

And this one, ever so pure, watches over a loved one who has come to rest under her eternal protection.

The Blessed Mother Mary in all her many forms,
holds the sanctity of our lives in her hands…always.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on December 10, 2011.

13 Responses to “Virgins of Stone”

  1. beautiful dawn! every mary so willing to shelter us forever more!

  2. Wonderful photos of a strong and powerful image ~ thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative harbor)

  3. thank you for sharing these Dawn! they are so so beautiful and such a powerful reminder of the true essence of both Mary and life.

  4. Mary is a part of the landscape everywhere as you show us just a few of her images.


  5. Love all of these. I have loved every one of your posts – it is just very hard to leave a comment for me because of the black background.

  6. This has been an incredible journey. I love these old and loved madonna’s.

  7. Just beautiful images of sweet Mary. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Three more beautiful ones, the last one is especially
    compelling to me.

  9. San Miguel de Allende must be a very special place for Mary to have such a presence there! How I wish I could share!

    Sue x

  10. I have to say…my favorite is the last…I love seeing Mary as a regal presence…showing the way, leading, powerful.
    Queen of Heaven and Earth.
    But her other faces, they are just right too.

  11. Each one so beautiful, so special. Thank you for continuing to amaze us with your choices of Mary.

  12. I love all of these. They are beautiful and so is your sentiment. Thank you for sharing such lovely images, Dawn.

  13. Like in Rome! Love no 3!

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