A Year of Lent

The New Year always feels especially like a fresh start to me because my birthday is this week, as well.  I’ve come to realize that I’ve been “skating by” in some areas of my life for awhile, and this feels like a good time to start tightening up a wee bit.

Last year my favorite post was “Lent and My Shoe Fetish,” where I blogged about “doing without” for Lent.  Even though I’m not Catholic, I love the idea of personal sacrifice, and  although it was rather challenging to stick to my vow, it felt extremely fulfilling, as well.

So this year, I’ve decided that each month I will set a new goal for myself…something I’ll commit to doing for the duration, or something I’ll do without.   It might sound lame to some, but January’s commitment for myself is to get my eight glasses of water each day…something that I know is healthy, but up until now has never become a habit of mine.

Each month I’ll post my latest task, in the hopes that making it public will help me reach my goal, and to experience some much needed discipline.

Happy New Year everyone!
Good luck with whatever challenges – self-imposed or otherwise – await you in 2012.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on January 1, 2012.

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  1. I too have been doing some skating by……My focus this year will be to be more present in a lot of areas…….
    I will be rooting for you each month!!
    Happy 2012!!

  2. get out the oars! or dont drink too late in the day! I learned to be a water drinker instead of soda by carrying around a little 8 oz bottle. they diasppear fast! good luck with your goals!

  3. dear dawn,
    i love your idea of a year of lent. being mindful with each unfolding month will be a journey i will gladly share with you.
    we can all use some tightening up in our daily living. here is to the drinking of more pure water, and a lighter footstep on this beautiful earth with more laughter, because we will do it all together.
    happy bright new year xoxoxoxxox

  4. Great idea ~ wishing you well on your projects and Happy New Year ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/Post Cards from Paradise ^_^

  5. Here’s wishing you the best on your goals.It’s a good list of things to do and I especially love the idea of giving up something each month. I drink water from my frig since it’s filtered. I put some on a big bottle and try to drink as much water as I can. Although sometimes it doesn’t work out. I try not to make resolutions. I usually sit down and plan out and write down the things to be accomplished this year. I guess it’s the same thing as making a resolution but when I check off one item on the list, it feels great. Dawn, my birthday is this month too and and next week. So I guess we are both Capricorns, the goats. Tee Hee. Happy New Year and enjoy your days to come.

  6. Yes, I needed to hear this about water again, I’m feeling out of sorts after all the goodies of the season. Thanks for the reminder and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Sue x

  7. I like this idea…we all can use support in whatever our challenges are. I am currently looking at my studio that is so packed I can barely walk and think the challenge of making space to move, to think, to create may be a good one for me

    Happy New Year!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you and Happy New Year Dawn!!
    What a great idea. Drinking more H2O here too!

  9. Well, I think that the idea of drinking more water is always good. Your intentions to be more mindful and to do more with less are admirable. I think if nothing else it will be a release for you. Someone recently told me that releasing what you don’t need by recycling it back into the universe in some way can truly change your life. So it isn’t so much about discipline as release. You give what you have, create space, and it comes back to you in a new and better way!

  10. A year of Lent. I like your intention of posting monthly about something you are adding or subtracting. Very great idea. Happy new year.

  11. This does not sound lame – it sounds great it sounds strong it sounds smart it sounds willful and wise – i am sure you will achieve all! Happy New Year!

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