Anticipation Haiku

Glorious Sunday
Garden prep beckons new life
Most delightful toil

This week has really warmed up and I finally started working in my studio again…although perhaps a little half-heartedly, because we’re expecting a 20 degree drop in the temperature, along with  high winds and snow this weekend!!!

Ahhh, such  is Spring in northern Arizona.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on March 15, 2012.

9 Responses to “Anticipation Haiku”

  1. Those lovingly built stone walls suggest years of soil prep. Can’t wait to see the new life 🙂

  2. oh yes! preparing the garden is in full swing over here at casa corazon. already the peas are a foot and 1/2 tall. dining on bok choy, lettuce, spinach and chard. i will alert the bare naked ladies to get their coats out. you do the same, looking great over there!

  3. Gardening can bring such joy, hardly seems like work at all.

  4. Your garden just inspired me for what I will be working on later this morning. I’m delighted to hear AZ gets snow.

  5. Marvelous!!! Such has been the weather here in southern IN. Glorious!!! Wishing you a grand weekend!

  6. Lovely haiku expressing joy of preparation ~ ah snow won’t last long ~ Spring is coming ~~ thanks namaste, Carol ^_^

  7. I love the way dirt looks when it’s all “fluffy” and ready for seeds. I see Rebecca’s not the only one with bare naked ladies!!

  8. Your photo makes me wanna work in my garden (and I usually don’t like working in the garden… aaahhhh, see what higher temperatures can do!) Do they really expect snow in your region? Bummer! I do hope you have a lovely , sunny weekend!

  9. Lovely verse

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