Haiku on Display

Favorite pieces
Local college library
On display – why not?

What to do with the special pieces that I’m saving for a “real” show someday?
Fifteen pieces are currently on display at Prescott’s Yavapai Community College library until April 12th.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on March 9, 2012.

14 Responses to “Haiku on Display”

  1. Time to smile this morning and this did it. Why not, indeed.

  2. Love them all. The skeleton lady with that pretty dress and basket is awesome. Great Haiku to go with your work. Nice job. Have a great weekend.

  3. Well, I’ve got to say this is pretty real…


  4. I have never seen your stuff before but it is SO COOL!! It makes me want to throw a big Day of the Dead party! I’m going to go rummage around your website some more!

  5. Not only a lovely haiku, but showcasing these pieces now, treasures shared instead of stored away… I really like that… Thank you!

  6. ~sweet!~

  7. Love the displays ~ Wow! ~ and haiku ~thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  8. Awesome!!!Yes !!! How long will they be there @ Yavapai college?
    In case I get up there one day soon.

  9. I’ll be in Prescott either this weekend or the next and would love to see these pieces. Is the library open on Sundays?

    For Sister Moon

  10. Nice haiku, lovely image too. Of course such things must be exposed.

  11. This is something to haiku about, bravo for your exhibition, looks fascinating, where to next I wonder? I used to exhibit with a traveling group of artists, was so exciting!

    Sue x

  12. Thats a good thing to do! the second photo is great with the booksracks as a soft background. hopefully some great gallery will see your display and offer you all kinds of goodies to join them!

  13. BRAVO!!!!

  14. If they’re old or look old, I’m in. And I’m charmed 😉

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