My Monthly Lent

Making life changes
Easily said, hard to do
Trying once again

So here’s the deal…
Each month during 2012 I’m making a public commitment to add or subtract something in my life.  February’s goal was to exercise 5 days a week.

 Well!  Truth be told, I found that harder to do than I thought.  It turns out that I averaged little more than 3 times a week…a tiny improvement, but nothing to be proud of.  Oh yeah, I could site some lame excuses, but I won’t further embarrass either of us.

I will begin my modified goal of working out FOUR times a week, as well as March’s new goal of spending time EACH day learning Spanish (in preparation for Easter in San Miguel)!!!

I can only trust that next month’s report will be one to make us all proud…!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on March 1, 2012.

14 Responses to “My Monthly Lent”

  1. We have some of the same goals! Only for me it’s a bit of French. Sending you encouragement! Easter in San Miguel ….
    Sounds wonderful.

  2. Okay, I’m an old guy, and I must impart some wisdom here. “Don’t be so hard on yourself” Look at it this way, you were doing no exercise, now you’re doing it three times per week. This is something I know personally. I just completed my last monitored session of cardiac rehab therapy. Now I’m on my own. I went religiously three days a week and worked for an hour. It is imperative that I keep some form of physical activity going in my life for general health. Your haiku actually motivated me! Great job!


  3. the Spadoman has it right! have you tried walking? thats good for 3 days a week too and good for all of you! love your boots. but walk in your sneaks!

  4. Lovely haiku and 3x a week of an aerobic exercise is perfect ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy HMH ^_^ ~

  5. Or you could go for 3.5! 🙂

    Perhaps a Resurrection

  6. Change is never easy. I like your haiku and your goals.

  7. what would we do without our goals!

    it’s one baby step at a time….

  8. Trying again, I am always trying again!!!
    Love the haiku!

  9. i thought for one fleeting moment you were giving up shoes again!
    whew, i see you dodged that bullet! love your photo and your resolution. and i love that every morning is a CLEAN SLATE!!!
    Si? SI!

  10. I think your idea of Lent is fantastic! Donde esta el bano? Dos equis por favor. That’s all you need.

  11. Love your monthly challenge. Without that, you would not be making gains. And you did gain your 3 times a week exercise! Congrats!

  12. I just love your outfit! And to see those boots and skirt against the rug is art within itself. I’m a 3x a week person and I find that hard to do, so I applaud you.

  13. Good luck and make us proud dear! Oh, but don’t fall too hard on yourself, we are human you know, and you write wonderful haiku, no that’s something to be proud of isn’t it?!!

  14. Love your Haiku and love what you are doing. I also love what you are wearing. You look great. Easter in San Miguel sounds wonderful.

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