Seventeen Inches!!!

Today is the last day of a very mild winter…

and we were christened with a total of 17″ of snow in the last two days!

Now, Prescott does get snow…maybe a few dustings, a 4-6 incher occasionally, or a foot once or twice a decade…lots less than it did fifty years ago, say the old-timers.

We love it.
We need it.
But we hate when it destroys the trees.

No worries…last week the temperature hit 72 degrees and it’s supposed to be close to that again by the weekend.  Then we can get on with the business of Spring.

~ by Dawn Elliott on March 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Seventeen Inches!!!”

  1. Looks beautiful Dawn. We don’t get snow here but we did go to Tuolumne Ca this weekend and there was a lot of snow. I took pictures and will post them later this week. Love your snowy yard. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wonderful photos. Its hard to believe when the temps here in the east have been getting into the 70’s.

  3. happy first day of spring!

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