Haiku Longing

Magic in my grasp
San Miguel de Allende
How I want to stay

It’s full of traditions…







And sweet connections…

All I need is my husband’s shared interest in moving there…and what a rich life it would be!

For more Haiku My Heart, visit Rebecca @ http://corazon.typepad.com/.

~ by Dawn Elliott on April 13, 2012.

11 Responses to “Haiku Longing”

  1. Wonderful haiku and awesome photos ~ can see the attraction ~ beautiful ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures…
    of all the beauty in San Miguel, I would say the people
    visiting are the most beautiful of all!

  3. I have such a place I long for as well. It’s call Mt. Angel.

  4. Far out, man!!!

  5. Hi Dawn. Yes, lots of beauty there. I especially love the colors, the fook and the people. That would indeed be a big move, but in the meantime your home is your haven where you can add all that color, lights, etc. Have a great weekend and thx for the pic. Great Haiku.

  6. You make me long for a place I’ve never been.

  7. oh gorgeous colores!

  8. thanks for returning with me once more to all the charm and verve that san miguel serves plentifully to all who are adventurous enough to simply show up, so glad you are one so willing!!

    (only four spots left for dia de los muertos!!)

  9. Oh sweet Cynthia,Tia Carmen and magical rebecca. Your photographs are stunning Dawn. Yes I could live there….
    at least for a season.

  10. Thank you for sharing these marvelous photos! I can’t wait for the trip there in November for Los Dias. It will be our first time and I’m sure it will be magical as you describe. There are so many places that I visit that I never want to leave, so I go back as often as I realistically can. Wonderful post.


  11. such an interesting place and the photos are so inspiring – gorgeous vibrant colours! Makes me wanna dive in my art journal right now and put yellows and purples on paper… I might just do that this afternoon! Enjoy your Sunday!

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