Eclipse Haiku

Universal awe
Solar eclipse captures hearts
Basking in the glow

I didn’t quite know how I could see the eclipse on Sunday, so I tried taking a few pictures…and this first one stole my…well, you know…

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 24, 2012.

17 Responses to “Eclipse Haiku”

  1. Really. Truly. Completely in love with eclipses.

  2. lucky you! here in the east we couldnt see it. only photos. like your happy heart vision!

  3. wow…words escape me

  4. How creative! Terrific haiku.

  5. This is a wonderful creation.

  6. Wow. Thank you for sharing this awe-some moment !
    Happy Friday !

  7. It was spectacular. Lee has a welding hood and we watched from it. Love your version. It is how I felt for sure!!!

  8. Only nature can do that. Awesome! Thanks for sharing such wonder.

  9. This is so cool how the sun looks like a heart and how you captured it in your haiku!

  10. perfect capture of a universal heart!
    love love love!

  11. I did not get to see this – thank you SO much for sharing with us! I was really excited to see this 🙂

  12. universal awe – can we all tap into that!

  13. Stunning photo!

    Cultivating Joy

  14. Wasn’t seen here I think 🙂 I didn’t know about it anyways.

    The photo and the haiku is quite beautiful. Thank u.

  15. that’s just amazing

    valued benevolence haiku

  16. that is just wonderful mmmm

  17. I just found a link to this. Beautiful.

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