Red Hot Haiku

Full of vibrant strength
Transplanted so recently
Flourishing delight

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 31, 2012.

18 Responses to “Red Hot Haiku”

  1. oh dawn,
    here you are with your red hot number one haiku! perfect way to begin our haiku fest, with a passionate flora display.
    thanks for being here.

  2. As I’ve told you before, my mom grew these and she called them red hot pokers. You may have transplanted recently, but they are vibrantly thriving–as we are in our various ages and stages. At least, kind of.

  3. I like this…full of vibrant strength. This indeed is a picture of strength and beauty. One of my favorite flowers…must get some for my garden. Mom and Dad always had them in the garden at our house in Colorado. Thank you!!

  4. red hot indeed! Love the flowers and the haiku!

  5. The moral of the story may be: Even transplants can flourish!

    Too Early for Crows

  6. So wonderful Dawn! Burst of growth gives way to hope:)

  7. perfection!

    {{ i notice a wee blue heart
    standing guard
    on the upper left there…
    never underestimate
    ~~the power of love~~
    when transplanting
    Anything }}

  8. Most unusual flower – never saw one before….very nice haiku

  9. Love that fiery red on a Friday !
    Happy Weekend !

  10. Lovely..indeed it is a be here..a lovely haiku..

  11. Looks delightful, and very vibrant too. Thanks!

  12. Beautiful flowers that create visual interest and your haiku describes them well!

  13. Those look really cool! I wonder if they’ll grow in the climate where I live. Lovely Haiku to match a lovely photo.


  14. The red hot poker,
    a plant loved the world over
    happy blooming love. x

  15. beautiful, both the red hot words and the red hot photo.

  16. what is that plant? it’s beautiful! lovely haiku too!!!

  17. Vibrant plants and haiku!

  18. Amazing how life longs for itself even in this heat. My desert garden is flourishing as well.

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