Studio Paradise

There’s no better paradise for me than my studio, especially when everything is up-and-running for the warm season.

All my treasures are “organized” during this one time each year.

Let the creativity and messes begin!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “Studio Paradise”

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Your porch is so warm and inviting; a true feast for the eyes. Your collection of statues made me realize that some of the very old and damaged statues I’ve seen and passed up are actually treasures waiting to be revised. A can of spray paint gold would do wonders.

    Happy creating.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures of your colorful studio! “Let the creativity and messes begin!” 🙂

  3. We really need to exchange visits…what a great place to spend time!

  4. Other’s studios always bring excitement to those taking a peek. Once a year an event is held here on blogland where people get their studio ready, take video or pictures and post and link so that other’s can visit the inside/outside of the studio. It’s a lot of fun looking. Love your studio and love how the outside looks. I want it!!!:))

  5. looks like you are all filled up and ready to go, rock on shrine maker!

  6. It makes me happy just to see your studio…..
    I want to just sit there on the porch and watch you work…..
    while I drink something cool……:)

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