Durango Haiku

Everyone loves Durango
Grass seems greener there

Mr. E and I visited friends in Durango recently who bought their retirement home there.

They have a few years until their actual retirement to work on the place,

 to have music gatherings on the deck,

and to enjoy the train going by several times a day…
as well as going hiking, and biking, and swimming, and eating, and shopping, and participating in the Irish jams on Sundays, and visiting the hot springs and orchards down the road…
It is truly a magnificent place to hang out and we look forward to many more opportunities to do so with such amazing friends!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 28, 2012.

11 Responses to “Durango Haiku”

  1. Looks pretty nice. Is this in Arizona?

  2. I loved reliving my time spent in and around Durango, (Used to live in Grand Junction, CO and explored there whiten often). Great Haiku about a great place! Wonderful photos too. I’d love to hear the music on the deck!


  3. looks like a really cool place by your great photo…….and a perfect haiku

  4. I just love the name…Durango, rolls off the tongue effortlessly.

  5. Ah Durango, please ask the rain gods to appear, cleanse and protect, as this is a sacred site.

  6. Oh, there are MUCH worse places to retire to than Durango!

    Haiku Offering

  7. Looks like a place to kick back. Nice photos.

  8. Not only does it seem greener, it IS greener!

    Concertina Wire & Sky

  9. oh yes, i love durango. your photos capture its unique and beautiful essence.

  10. please forgive me for being so late to visit all haiku my hearts. life has taken me away from the computer and finally i am returning. what a WONDERFUL escape to a beautiful place. i am so happy durango will have a permanent place in your future!!! and i am thrilled for the happy soon to retire couple!

  11. Some places just feel so quintessentially American. Durango is one of those places.

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