Guadalupe Haiku

Protecting  Jerome
Virgin poised above the crowds
Guardian to all

She sits high up on a wall of the House of Joy – an infamous brothel-of-old in Jerome, AZ.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 5, 2012.

8 Responses to “Guadalupe Haiku”

  1. Guardian to all… all, is the key word in your beautiful haiku and image… thank you!

  2. Love the image and haiku. Our Lady of Guadalupe is very close to my heart. I have been to Jerome and will return soon, this September in fact, and I will see her watching over us in person. Fantastic!


  3. i am so glad you are sharing your haiku and this shrine from jerome. i love the colourful joyful assemblage of love. lupita is so diligent in her prayerful guardianship, making her sacred home all the more delightful with its christmas lights and childlike endearment.

    sweet share, way better than ice cream!

  4. comforting haiku…

    i am surrendering
    to Her now
    as who could not use
    a bit
    of watching over?

    {{ thank*you
    for sharing her }}

  5. What a fascinating statue!

  6. beautiful photo ….. and haiku does her justice…..we could all use her protection

  7. What a great haiku/photo combination. And, such an interesting subject. I have not been to Jerome, AZ, and am glad that I got a chance to see this 🙂

  8. I love your haiku, you always show the most wonderful images – sharing beautiful details of life. Thank you!

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