Haiku House Projects

My husband and I live in a 1926 house that we bought 8 years ago.  It was a proverbial mess and “would be great after TONS of work,” according to a sticky note that my Dad left after visiting it for the first time!

Here are the major projects completed in the last three years:

Original Garage Renovation

New Rock Wall

Adding a Garden

A Deck

Mr. E works full-time and can only do so much…so we regularly joke about something else we need to do as #4oo+ “on the list.”
We are well aware that we will NEVER be done.

Projects here abound
Cross off “add antique screen door”
Factor in some charm

Today, the new/old screen door was installed.
It’s replacing a motly aluminum one that served its purpose, but was truly butt ugly.
Not a major project, but sometimes the little things are the best, no?

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 19, 2012.

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  1. I, too, live in a 1926 house! and yes its one project after another!But what would we do without a project! my handyman was here yesterday measuring windows! our houses are totally different but they both have a certain charm you dont see too often!

  2. What a wonderful post!!! So proud of you! I’m not sure I would have the wear-with-all to continue…I might succumb to hiring a contractor!!! Wishing you Well!

  3. Little things are often the best, yes !!! Sweet door and adds a lovely feeling to your deck. Wow !!! Beautiful !
    Happy House and Happy Friday !

  4. The whole place is charming!

  5. Love this post Dawn!! We too bought a 1913 house back in 1989 and have continuously upgraded. We still are. It was an older home but we could not resist the football field lot it had. We have done a lot with it and I see that you mention that “it will never be done.” (the work) You are right, it continues and continues and that is what is great about having your own “older” home, one is always busy. I love your place and congratulate you. Yay for old homes!! Yours is looking AWESOME!

  6. the screen door certainly adds charm….as does your lovely rock garden…

  7. That is one fine door. Yes, a little detail, but, really high impact. I like the little heart giving it that touch of charm too.

  8. Wow, what a project! I know how it is to live in a ‘not yet finished project’… I love how you add things like the garden/rocks and the antique door is fabulous!

  9. Awesome pictures … the haiku (or senryu) you have written along with the pictures is wonderful.

  10. What fun!!! i love your design!!!

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