Haiku Mexico Color

Brazen Mexico
Colors make my heart stand still
Unrelenting joy

Here are a few of the colorful sights from our Easter trip to San Miguel de Allende.


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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 12, 2012.

13 Responses to “Haiku Mexico Color”

  1. Ole!!!!

  2. Beautiful, bold and vibrant colors!! A wonderful say to begin the day!!!

  3. I love the colors. I see life in them, life of the souls of the people, the color spreading joy all around, your words heralding this feeling.


  4. thank you dawn for coming once again to the arms of mexico with me! it was a wonderful adventure with amazing people of which you are one! lovely photos so indicative of the riot of colour that always enchants us.

    can’t wait to go again!

  5. drinking in the colores of SM with fond memories of our time shared together there!

  6. The riotous colors delight! How lovely your photos are and how lucky you have such opportunity to enjoy another culture…..

  7. Wonderful colorful photos, and your haiku captures it perfectly!

  8. Each a joy to see!!! I am a bold color person and this just suits me!!!

  9. Ahh..this brings back memories from a long time ago…great haiku!

  10. I’ve never been but i love visiting mexico through everyone else’s eyes and photos!

  11. Vibrant colours and gaiety are great for the soul!

  12. I love the pic of your man with his balloon bounty, he looks a bit serious but who wouldn’t with that balancing trick! ;~) x

  13. Fabulous photos! I feel as though I just took a mini-vaca !!

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