Sunflower Haiku

Hollyhocks once ruled
Sunflowers prevail for now
Victory so frail

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 26, 2012.

8 Responses to “Sunflower Haiku”

  1. I bought a potted flower plant. I don’t garden or grow much, but this year I took the plunge. It started with this and that color of flowers and now has transformed, no, evolved into something else as other flowers have taken their place. Your Haiku says this to me. I like it.


  2. aaahhhhh…
    isn’t Life grand!
    ”’Sunflowers prevail for now”’

    wellll i haiku*posted my sunflowers today,

    {{ i love when that happens }}

  3. Everything shines in it’s own time. Such lovely flowers.

  4. The flowers of summer are such lovely show offs ! Sunflowers so high and mighty, in lots of way.
    Thanks for the garden glimpse.
    Happy Friday !

  5. Sharing space and appearing separately. Redefines the meaning of separate but equal. In any season, this is a beautiful spot.

  6. Perhaps, the hollyhocks can rule once again, later 🙂 Very lovely photograph and haiku.


  7. Sun and flowers… it’s the season! Love your haiku!

  8. sweet victory, your link is now in fine working order, how fortunate for me as you know how much i love sunflowers!

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